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creates a small river through ddwntownnbaltimorr. own set of ppoblems tonight. hello, i'mmjenniffr gilbert.. gilbert..and i'm jeff barnd...//another... massive... water main break,.../ this... one... shutting doon....a... busy part of dowwtown baltimore. the larre pipe ruptured just were attempting to get to work. it caused heavy street near guilford avvnue. off and nearby residentt have little, or no water flowing through their pipes. 3&the... story.. is... getting familiar... for folks downtown. downnown.paul gessler has covered several major breaks in the past few mooths. mmnnhss he is downtown now to tell us what the city is doing about them.paul-- you can almost use the same jjst substitute he details. ...the roaddand the size of
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the main.kurt kocher with puullccworks says the ccuse acidic sool, shifts in the : - earth, changes in temperature...but the number oneeccuse undouutedly: is age. thess piies are old.kocher says they're meant toolast 75 today's break on madison was 30 inches.another breek on phhladelphia road in esssx was 16 inches.last 60 inchee.(they're still prying to fix that.)koohee saas they've secured $300 million dollarr-- mainly rom yoor and my water starts ith doing 20 mileesof pipes y next year.working up to 150 miles oo the ccty pipelinn in the nexx five
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yeaas. kurt kocher, baltimore dept. of publii works: "if we don't situation like this where a - you're gonna have older mains getting older and not beinn kept uu with ii terms of the replacement ttmeethat's required of them by industry kocher tells me they consissently work on an average of hree atee main breaks per day.they've recieved ásome stimulus money, but he says it wasn'ttnearry enough to be as proactive as thee want tt be.unntl then, they'll be reacting to breaks like here on madison just likk phe ooes on &pmadison street downtown, paul gessler, fox45 news late edition. baltimore county pooicc say a fight in dundalk on sunnay involvee motorcycle g.
11:03 pm happened about 1 yesterday &pthe north point plaza flea person was hit with a rubber mallet. two men...brandon quinet of halethorpe......and allln lull pf dundalk...both are charged with assault... ssault....he angs involvedd were the "demmn souls" and &pthe "tttan" motorcycle clubs police are searching for two men who shot a fast-food restauranntmanager early yesterday morning in ccllmbia. it happened just before 1 a-m at tte taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the manager was confronned by two men outside the store.they fllww to hock trauma where s - he's listed n criticaa the... man... behind... ne f the most belovee children's charrcters... on ttv.../ is.... under investigation.../ baltimoree sex with an underage &pboy. grew up in the turner station - community near dunndlk.
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tonight, family members, including ccash's nephee, the serious allegations ng to against him. tate says his uncll haa done palls clash the victtm. &p(tate) "it's not true. it's pust rumors that go arrund. people ry o make extra money over somebody. he's a ig knows elmo, so..". everybody - soo." a 23-year-old mannis claaming he beeaa a sexual relationship with claah 7 years ago.. when he was 16 and clash was 45...///. clash admits too aving a relationship with aftee hh had become an adultt clash is on leaveeof abseese from sesame street. 33 &pthat brings us to our questio pf the day. do you think kevin clashh.. the voice of elmo should be fired? fired?here's a looo at our facebook page...a lot of you 3lash fox-baltimoree- com dd - first on fox.... city police
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officer is under invvstigatiin for the sexual assault of a teen at a group home in officer was reportedly called to the home for a possible theet and ended p having sex pith a female reeident ---- while on duty. duty. pwe know theeofficee is -the teen involved is an incident on sunday-and therr is now a criminal and interral iivestigation underway underway- the officer has been puusended without pay- and the determine if chhrges will e o - filed. commissioner aathony batts saii he could not confirm ll the ddtaiis at the this time... since the case is still under iivestigation.but he s taking these claams veey seriously.
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&p a... civil... rights deppatment...// followiigg aafox 45 investigation. issue.../ is... his postinn... made on looks... like pay day... in baltimore..../theeofficer also posted video he recorded on the job of a car ire.duuing the offiier as well as a coomander joking about the 45 also uncovered comments the officer posted porwwrd to flexing his power to punish a suspect. 1:04:11 what ight be insignificant or funny to one person may not be to another person so were very concerned about it :17 and were also concerned abbut the pooicing practicessof this officer &pto a mindset ss were concerne aboot a peeson with that sort pf mindset policing the streets of baltimore city :29 :299 witheespoon who heads up the baltimore chapper oo the southern chriitian leadership conference callssthe comment legal experts tell fox 45 this
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is a perfect exaappe of wwy the poliie department shoold with maayland's dream act now law...llcal community colleges are beginningto xamine the potential impact on heir campu. campuses.the president of the community college of baltimorr county...does not expect a hugeinfllx of immigrants to &penroll next spring because of the strict criteria . undocumented immmgrants must have atttnded a aryland high school ffr three yearss..graduated from that high school...and their parents...must have paid... sttte income three years. (kurtinitis) ""t can't just be you walk up to the registrar &pann ay hee 'm here, no, phere really rr a series because it's thh law, every &plaw has to be implemented wit presideet says illegal immigrants will not displlce amerrcanstudents from &pbaltimore county.that's because "illegal" will still be classified as out-of-state studentt.
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3 niceeday out thhre .... but - lets cheek in with look at the forecast. 3 3 tte head of the c-i-a ssepping
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down.the e-mails revealing his alleged affair ... and the ties to the terroo attack in libya. --you're going... punch... scre- scream--- a bbs driver fire for punchingg a female passenger.why he's deeending his brutal uppercut. dozens of homee destroyed .... what could be to blame for this deadly explosiin. 3
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new details emerggng onight in the scandal thattforced the pesignation of c-i-a director avid petraeus.jennifer rector griffin has more on how the affair wassdiscovered ... and attaak in libya. libya. 3 general peeraeus has told frienns the ffair with his piographer paula broadwell ssaated two months after he left the military, around thee &psame time he took over at the cia innseptember 011, thouuh &pthey spent nearly a year together n fghanistan while
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she researched his biogrrahy, 'all in: tte education of david petraeus.. he says the sullivan says, "everybody says ever done before. rue?"body's broadwell ays, "he is quite a genius because iithink he's able to balance so many difffrent levels of hinking. i donnt think all senior pilitary officers do there are many others that do bbt i ddn't think all officers have fbi became aware that the cia director's mistress was sending haaassing e-mails from several dummy accounts to this woman: jill kelley, a petraeus paaily friend who lived n taapa. keeley's family often spent the hhlidays with david petraeus and his wife hollyy an attempt was bbing made to blackmail the cia irector. it wrapped up its investigation 4 days before the ellction. petraaus submitted his resignation to the president thursday two days after the
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eeection and aaweek before he was to estify on capitol hill in closed-door ntelligence brieffngs about benghazi. he broadwell may have revealed 3 benghazi investigationnthat e - she gleaned from her broadwell says, "now, i don't know if a lottof you heard this, but the cia annex had actually,,umm had takenna coople offlibyyn ilitia members prisoner and hey thhnk that the attack on the &pconsulaae was an effort to tr so that's still being vetted." source and two security contraators in benghazi tell fox the libban milltiamen hell at the cia annex may be a cia has not had detention it - authority sincc january 2009, wwen eeecutive order 13491 was issued. ny suggestionnthat the agency is still in the detention business is
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uuinnormed and baseless." at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, ffx news. the... cleveland... bus priver... who ppercut... a... female passenger... in september... has been fired...///. 3 --you're going... punch... scre- scream--- the... videoo.. went viral... when... arrii hughes ... wasscaught punching... the unruly passenger in the facc.../. hughes... claimed his actions... were in... self deeense... after the woman pushed him...//. now... the... cleveland transit authority says... they're... thinking... more aboot drivers safety.../ after... another incident... involving... a bus driver and passenger... took place earlier this month.. pomorrow morning, new jersey will end gas rationing. 3&pgovernor chris christie implemented the odd-even systemmlasttweek because as stations had a hard time getting fuel in the wake of super storm sandy. gas supplies are now plentiful and those long lines have died lawsuits agaanst seeeral gas stations charged with hiking "raising gas a couple bucks aa gallon when people are in a -&
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iiee. but when you gee bbgged then some, ii's going to see like a very stupid idea and a very small idea.. according to new jersey's attornee ggneral, one gass puch as 5.550a gallon. s as - 3policc belleve... they....ámayá... know... whaa... cauued... a... deadly home explosion... in indiana. indiana.flames... ripped through... the... neighborhood saturdayynight ..../ destroying... dozens of &p sayy.. a... faalt furrace... in one of the homes may be to blame for the blass.... the residents but severaa others were me.... injured.twoohomes were leveled... at least 29 more were deemed unlivable. 3 some rain moving in tonight.... 3 lets check back with hief meteorologist vytas reid to
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how it will affect your morning commute.
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""f they're expecting anything suffering from a delusion." s - 3 some countyyemployees in tennessee may find coal in their stockings.... whh ssnta sayy they rippee him off. [ dollar ] that's me.
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l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. a board responsible for
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overseeing baltiiore'' ethics director hhsn'ttmet in at least ssx years. years. phe special panel that oversees boardd chief...avvry... asen-stark hasn't met.....for years... and no one knows why.iits a lapse in oversight thht city councilman carl stokes says raises quuetions about just how well thh overhaulee ethics board is doing. 2:50:28"i'm concerned in senne ii it is the ethics board it sounds counter innuive that eveyrthing is not laid out on the table, that there is not overishgt, that we're not watching veyrhting, and the citiznes are feeling uncomforttble." last week the city ethhcs board met in secret,
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detaill about their agenda to -3 fox 45. 3 common sense says forcing &plicense... will landdyou on miichell eet a flyer to the plerkús office in shelby county, tennessee... saying he woold love to play antt at their christmas party. they didn't hire him... instead they sentthim a letter saying he better come buy a business over to the district turn him - attorneyús office for mitchell bouggt one.... and then he found putt.. the law only applies to doolars a yeaa.... llst year, n mitchell brought in about a hundred bucks. "i'm the onlyy mployee in shelby county,,tennessee or memphis that's been orced o buy a bbsiness license." "i want hem to get off my try to keep the wolf away from my door." 3 &pthe county clerk's office has now aggeed to give
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mitchell his money back. 3 3 this granny doesn't need her granddaughter to ave her from the big bad wolf... how she reveresed the story of little 3
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puu backwards.. year old russianngranny... . - pilled a wolf... with her bare hands... and... an axe.../ ...a cry of a alf... attacked by a wolf... and... rushed outside to shoo the wolf away.../ but... the wolf attacked her... and... it turned....into a... one-on-one battle ...that she ...ultimmtely won..../// she says... the wwof ccawed into her leg.... andd.. she took the axe.../ hit him... on ... the head...// and....ate his ,,,and,,, a nice chianti....
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maryland returns to college park...see how the terps looked in their first home sports - have a good night. . i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat.
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and it better be good! so let's talk about some food, on the "700 club," tuesday at phat'll do it for the ate edition, thaaks for jooning us, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gillerr, up next is bruce cunningham witt sportssunlimited. ii starts right now. 3 3 3 we got an idea last friday night that the terps could be vry good this yearrlossng by three to defending national champion kentucky..tonight,
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beforr a friendly crowd at the comcast enter, mark turgeon's that impressivv sttrt... start... 3 &p1st half...terps up ... pe'shon howard lobs it to dez wells ffr the alley-oop... wells had 8 points...maryland led by 14 at the break....2nd half...baltimore native nick had a game-high 12 points... maryland up 14....later... wellssdrivess..nice feed to james padgett...theesenior big seth allen with the steel... of the year....67-45 over moreheed state... earlier today, center alex len has been named cc player f theeweek for is performanceagainst kentucky friday night...tte 7-1 establiihing career highs with and also had 2 rebounds...he also had four blocked shots.. umbc and new heaa coach aki &pthomas hosting eastern university of pennnslvania..... 2nd halff..retrievers byy ...
11:31 pm reigning america east player of thh week led both sides wiih 14... umbc up 12....llter...joey getz breakaway layuu... pastteastern...70052...aki thomas picks uu his ffrst career win... the ravens haa to have loved the gamm film from sunday'sbig soo..just aaout everything time to put it asiie...nothing 3 is goona be easy about next wee. week.. sunnay night, with the entire nation watching, the ravens wiil meet the archhrival steellrs for the first time thissseason...and game..the steelers ccn tie the ravens for theedivisional lead pith a wii, wwile the ravens can build themselves a twogame lead with a win...even more important now that we're into november..there is a lot at "if you love football, there's no greater place to be. plaaing there in that great stadium aaainst ttat great organization, those games havv
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always been great gaaess we've always felt ikk it's a rivalry. e'll continne to considerrii to be a great rivalry. e're excited to gg ppaa it, we alwwys are. we respect them and we love playing against thhm. i suspect hhy feel the same way." now it's time to announce the candidates in our high school &pgame of the week ontest... brought to you by varsityy sports nntwork dot can vote for thh game you'd like to see highlights of on ur websitt... fox baltimore dot coo.... click n higg scchol game of tte week. week.all of these aae reggonal football fiials...atholton visits river hill innthe 3a eass town and manchester valley meet in the 1a north finall..old mill hosts meede for the a east title...and milford mill travelssto franlin the 3a north rrgional final...we'll annoonce the winner oo thurssay night... that'll do it for this edition bruce cunningham...tune in to fox45 mmrning nnws tomorrow --
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♪ happy birthday to you thanks. elaine, cake? uh, no, thanks. it's walter's special day. you know, there are 200 people who work in this office. every day is somebody's special day. elaine! where you going?

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